The cabin uses a burnt cedar siding to provide a durable exterior while reducing the need for annual maintenance. An entry slider door offers a security measure from potential wildlife as well as a protective cover to the wood storage during the wet and snowy months.


The Bridger Cabin is a proposed retreat for a private owner in the Bridger Mountain range near Bozeman, Montana. The minimal design utilizes a variety of materials and textures to enhance the complete experience under the Big Sky.

Plan and Interior

Due to the extreme terrain conditions, the cabin rests upon a set of steel trusses mounted to sonotube foundation columns. One the base is set, the cabin structure abides by typical stud frame construction, finished with a burnt cedar siding and corrugated metal roof. 

Design by: Steven Berkas, Zach George 

In cooperation with Gallatin Valley Remodelling


The floor plan is divided into a storage space and living space, designed to maintain the necessities of a retreat under the same roof. A material palate reflects the cabin's natural environment.