Living Space

Floor Plans

The plans above compare the original floor plan layout to that of the updated floor plan. The partition between the kitchen and living room was eliminated while the upstairs bedroom was transformed into a dining room.

2611 Interior is a complete upstairs renovation on a 1972 duplex style home. The goal for the project was to update the floor plan to accommodate a more modern style of living. In particular, a number of existing walls were opened up to eliminate the compartmentalized tone of the original design.

2611 Interior 

Design + Construction by: Steven Berkas, Zach George, Taylor Proctor

In cooperation with Gallatin Valley Remodelling

Dining Room and Kitchen

The hickory hardwood floor and white walls contrasts a number of steel pieces in the living space, including the custom fabricated handrail, fire place hearth and furniture pieces.

Each barn door and accompanying hardware pieces were custom fabricated to fit the new floor plan. By adjusting the door's position, the space is easily manipulated to satisfy a particular scene within the house.

Barn Doors