Design + Construction: Steven Berkas, Zach George, Taylor Proctor

Additional help: Kirby Hancock, Ben Larson

Storage Shed and Fire Pit

Cantilever Stairs

Garden area and Greenhouse

Fabricated steel brackets are designed to cantilever from the retaining wall.

The harvesting space includes a greenhouse and raised planter beds which were situated closest to the yard's adjacent wildlife refuge.  The lattice boards, seen on the sliding door of the greenhouse, are deck boards salvaged from a wolf refuge in nearby Bridger Canyon.

The storage shed includes a lattice clad L-Door designed for easy access of bikes and outdoor furniture while the neighboring gathering space provides an intimate space to congregate around a custom fire pit. Its position allows for the space to be shielded from winds and retain heat along a board form concrete retaining wall.


 The outdoor Kitchen and Bench area incorporates areas for seating, preparing food, storage, as well as various small planters. One of the main features of this space is the sliding butcher block;  situated along a barn door track, this piece is able to be used as both a food preparation surface as well as a cover to a steel fabricated cooler below.

The 2611 Backyard is a Design-Build project seen through all phases of construction. Given the small budget of the project, a special focus was put on using reclaimed and found materials throughout the entirety of the project.  Accepting the raw nature of these materials allowed for more time and energy spent on inventive attention to detail.

Kitchen and Bench Area